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Sharon's Natural Gardens

About the Farm

This homestead began in 1978 when we (my husband KC and our one year old daughter) bartered with my mother for the neglected homestead on an acre in Southern Delaware a mile from the farm where I was raised. The land was a mess — as well as the buildings. But we (successfully!) raised 3 children, rebuilt the place and restored the soils. The restoration of the native tranquility has been undertaken consistently with organic methods, and later with both organic and biodynamic methods.

It has taken a lifetime of work. Hundreds of trees, vines, and plants have been cultivated. We have established a resilient permaculture homestead. We learned a lot about gardening, hard work, making ends meet with limited income. We were both farm raised and despite inheriting many applicable skills, learning new tricks never stops on a farm! We were both part of the back to the land movement of the 60s and 70s, and participated in the grassroots of the original CSA movement.

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