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Sharon's Natural Gardens

About Sharon

sharon horseWhen I was a child, I followed my Swiss immigrant grandmother around while she taught me about skills like using a scythe, making sauerkraut, her own clothes, yodeling, butchering animals and telling stories from the Old Country. I was always drawn to saving seed and using plants for healing. I believe the healthiest food is grown fresh in the garden using natural methods.

I knew I belonged on the land and never took to schooling much…. though I always loved to read and learn. “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” I learn best by doing. And I’ve done a lot of doing.

I’ve tended a garden every year since I was six years old, with only a brief five-year hiatus in my early twenties. That is almost fifty-five years total of gardening in four states.

What I grow, I grow for health — mine and yours.