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Sharon's Natural Gardens

How I Grow

We began an organic garden here with seeds and plants transported with us from New Mexico. I use seaweed, rock powders, take soil tests, and apply deficient (natural) minerals. I practice 100% organic methods. Unless I can trade the integrity of a product all the way to its source, it stays off my land. I rotate my animals through pasture and employ soil-building cover crops.

I began biodynamics in 1990 after visiting a farm in PA and witnessing for myself that this was an even better path than organics. It started with building a lot of compost. I never feed the farm animals GMOs. If GMOs produce wobbly proteins, they will produce wobbly nutrition. Who wants that? I don’t. Neither do you.

I offer some of the healthiest produce available on the Delmarva peninsula, and some of the only biodynamic produce available on on the eastern shore.